Natural Remedies for Tinnitus – Stop the Ringing in Your Ears Without Resorting to Medication or Surgery

I’ve been getting a number of emails lately from tinnitus sufferers asking if I am aware of the various medications for tinnitus as well as some controversial medical procedures.

Well yes I have, in fact as my tinnitus was starting to drive me crazy I came to the conclusion that I would have to resort to medication or surgery as a way to silence the sounds of tinnitus.

I did some research and asked my doctor and was surprised to learn that the medications available for tinnitus only dampen the ringing in the ears type noises and doesn’t cure the condition. This was disappointing to say the least, I was looking for a cure not a mere quieting of the sounds in my ears. My doctor was also very open about surgery options, there were a couple of techniques that had been shown to be effective on some patients, but these were still new procedures and in some cases controversy surrounds the effectiveness of the procedures.

It was after discovering these facts, I went on journey to discover natural remedies for tinnitus, what I found astounded me, there were dozens of natural remedies that seemed to be working for a lot of people

Over the next few months I underwent a number of natural therapies, including yoga, meditation, relaxation therapy, vitamin supplements and acupuncture.

Unfortunately for me, my tinnitus was a bit more stubborn than a lot of people and it didn’t respond to any of the natural therapies, that was until I discovered a three step program that was so effective, within weeks I was enjoying the sound of silence, a sound I hadn’t heard for 6 years! I can begin to described how peaceful my first tinnitus free night’s sleep was.

If you would like to try this effective treatment, check out the following link after what do you have to loose? the sounds of tinnitus? Natural Remedies for tinnitus.

The treatment I discovered was in an excellent book called banish tinnitus, you can read more here

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