Remedies For Tinnitus – How to Silence the Sounds of Tinnitus

If you notice ringing in the ears, it could be the sounds of tinnitus. The first thing you should do is head off to your doctor and have them check out your ears. They may send you off to an ear, nose and throat specialist and have you undergo a number of tests.

Many people don’t realize that the diagnosis of tinnitus is actually when a doctor cannot determine what is causing you to hear a particular sound which others cannot hear.

There are two symptoms of tinnitus, one is the well known ringing in the ears (in truth the sounds of tinnitus may not resemble ringing, it can take the form of many sounds such as hissing, wind sounds or rushing water sounds) the other less known version of tinnitus is pulsatile which sounds more like a heartbeat to the sufferer and can even often be heard by others listening closely near the ear.

Pulsatile tinnitus is often caused by hardening of the arteries or ear blockage, where as the more common variety often is a result of damaged nerves misinterpreting sounds and sending them off to the brain as ringing noises.

There are a number of treatments ranging from ear pieces which emit masking noises that hide the sounds of tinnitus, drugs which so far have proven to be mostly ineffectual and natural remedies which seem to work for some but not for others.

Natural remedies for tinnitus include meditation, relaxation therapy, yoga, noise masking therapy, health and lifestyle changes and acupuncture. Having been involved in many support groups over the years I know first hand these forms of treatment for tinnitus do work, just not for everybody.

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