Remedies For Tinnitus – How to Stop Ringing in the Ears

If you have the misfortune of being a Tinnitus sufferer like I once was, you will know the anguish that the constant ringing in the ears (or other noises) can bring. Fortunately there are now a number of remedies for tinnitus to help the suffer beat tinnitus.

I personally have tried every tinnitus cure known to man to try to stop the constant ringing in the ears. The only treatment I was determined not to resort to until all other avenues had been exhausted was surgery.

Some of the remedies for tinnitus I explored included

1. Meditation: One of the causes of tinnitus is believed to be high stress, meditation helps ease stress and for people who have that relationship with their affliction, it works reasonably well.

2. Yoga: Similar to Meditation, Yoga treats the stress related causes.

3. Acupuncture: Many people report good results with acupuncture, but unfortunately the results only provide temporary relief.

4. Diet: Some theories promote lack of certain food groups or even overdoses of others may be a root cause.

5. Vitamin Supplements: Once again aimed more at stress related Tinnitus, vitamins such as Zinc and Niacin have been shown to help sufferers

6. Medication: Usually only reserved for the more serious cases, sadly medication so far has only helped alleviate symptoms not cure them.

Disappointingly I found none of the above alone helped my cause. What did eventually work for me was even more surprising, a simple three step plan.

If you too have tried the various remedies for tinnitus above with no success I would highly recommend you have a look at the following link Click Here to learn more about the 3 step plan that worked for me.

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