Remedies for Tinnitus – Relief From the Sounds of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a debilitating, very personal affliction. Try explaining it to friends and family and you are greeted with a look, that implies “well at least it’s not something serious”.

Sufferers usually come in one of two forms, those that experience the sounds of tinnitus constantly, never getting relief from tinnitus and those that suffer the symptoms intermittently. It is thought those that suffer periodically have a higher discomfort level than those that are constantly exposed to the sounds of tinnitus. The constantly exposed candidate gets used to the sounds of tinnitus and after sometime no longer “remembers” what quite sounds like and adapts to it. The intermittently exposed patient on the other hand, has times of silence when the ringing in the ears abates, this makes it all the more frustrating and painful when the symptoms return.

An often overlooked effect of the sounds of tinnitus, is the havoc it can wreck on a sufferers social and working life. High stress and fatigue often result from the constant ringing in the ears a sufferer is subjected to, this leads to irritability and can lead to relationship breakdowns, decreased productivity in the work place, withdrawal from society and in extreme cases sufferers have been driven to suicide.

There are a number of remedies for tinnitus the sufferer can explore. Most people are hesitant to undergo surgical procedures and / or be put on medication and with good reason. Whilst it can be necessary to explore these options as a last resort, the result are sometimes less than perfect, in particular when it comes to medication, medication often only “dampens down” the sounds of tinnitus.

Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Relaxation therapy, sound masking techniques, diet, vitamin supplication, lifestyle changes are all possible remedies for tinnitus that should be explored before heading off to the surgery or chemist.

Granted if all these remedies for tinnitus do not help you, you should enter into serious discussion with your doctor about the surgical and medication options to treat tinnitus.

Another natural, non-invasive technique, that has a good success rate is Paul Carrington’s controversial 3 step plan. Why is it controversial?, well it is a natural solution that works, it can work for you as it did for me, and natural remedies for tinnitus are often given little weight by the medical community.

So before you look toward surgical options as the only remedies for tinnitus, try some of the natural alternatives above, you can always head off to the doctor if none of them help relieve or resolve the sounds of tinnitus

To learn more about the 3 step plan check out the following link Remedies for Tinnitus – Relief From the Sounds of Tinnitus

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