Remedies for Tinnitus – Tinnitus Masker

maskerPeople with Tinnitus, live with constant or intermittent sounds (often referred to as ringing in the ears, even though the sound may come in a variety of tones) which is not produced by an external source(s). Because the noise being heard isn’t external we cannot simply turn off the offending noise generator or remove the sufferer from the are where the noise is being produced.

One of the ways some patients find relief is with a treatment known as “masking”. Masking is performed by a Tinnitus Masker, a Tinnitus Masker resembles a hearing aid, but unlike a hearing aid, a tinnitus masker emits a sounds which in effect “masks” the sounds of tinnitus. An audiologist will determine what pitch / frequency your current tinnitus sound is, and then is able to provide you with a sound that is more bearable than the tinnitus sound. It essentially is replacing one sound with a more pleasant one, this in turn distracts the wearer from the offending sound and makes life a little less stressful.

Maskers seem to be effective for some people but not for all and whilst it doesn’t cure your tinnitus and you actually now have just a more pleasant sound to listen to all the time, it has had some success in providing some relief for sufferers.

If you are looking into Masking for your own tinnitus, you may be interested to read about a 3 step natural solution I have undergone, you can read more here Remedies for tinnitus.

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