Tinnitus Relief – A look into Treatment for Ringing in The Ears

Only Tinnitus sufferers know the disruption to their daily lives, the constant ringing or pulsating in the ears can cause. Many of those affected with tinnitus cannot function normally and often have decreased effective output in the workplace, cant sleep, are irritable and often depressed.

Tinnitus is often a result of some level of hearing loss, although it can be related to other health problems such as hypertension.

Causes of Tinnitus

Some of the things that may cause or contribute to tinnitus are :

  • Loss of Hearing : The majority of sufferers have a pre existing condition which is causing hearing loss, many subjects are older people who’s hearing has deteriorated.
  • Prolonged Exposure to loud noise : Exposure of the ear drum to loud noise may also result in tinnitus, this is becoming quite a phenomenon amongst younger people listening to their mp3 players for long periods of time at loud levels.
  • Allergic reactions : Allergic reactions have been shown to be the root cause of some cases.
  • Vitamin deficiency : Some tinnitus sufferers have shown to have low levels of certain types of vitamins, in particular B12  and there is some “slight” evidence of patients suffering low levels of magnesium (also thought to contribute to hearing loss)
  • Side effects from Medication : This is quite a common cause of tinnitus with an estimated tally of over 200 different types of medication producing tinnitus like symptoms.
  • A number of other unknown (mystery) causes : For a large number of tinnitus cases, the affliction is caused by no identifiable source.

Tinnitus Relief

What options are available as far as treatment for ringing in the ears goes?

There are a number of potential remedies for tinnitus, each treatment seems to provide tinnitus relief, with varying success rates, for different sets of people.

Remedies for Tinnitus include:

  • Relaxation Therapy : Stress is thought to be one of the possible causes, many people find tinnitus relief by undergoing relaxation therapy (this seems to have a higher success rate amongst pulsate sufferers).
  • Vitamin Supplements : As mentioned above it is theorised that lack of certain vitamins may be a root cause. Remedies for tinnitus that involve supplementing with vitamins have shown encouraging results in some cases, in particular B12.
  • Medicines : For the more server sufferer, medicines may be prescribed by your doctor, unfortunately none of the medications remove the symptoms totally, they are however, successful in reducing the severity of it.
  • Maskers : Maskers are a hearing aid type device that broadcasts a more bearable sound into the ear, the frequency of this sounds will mask the more annoying sound of tinnitus (you can read more about maskers here)
  • Surgery : Structural reshaping of the inner ear can lead to relief from tinnitus, this is only recommended in the more extreme cases.

Other natural remedies for tinnitus

Natural therapy for any condition is always met with scepticism by the medical fraternity, personally I always go down the path of exploring alternative therapies for non life threatening conditions (you should always take your doctors advice seriously and follow what  is prescribed). There really is nothing to loose trying natural
remedies for tinnitus.

Meditation, Yoga, Acupuncture, diet and exercise programs all have been shown to help sufferers find tinnitus relief. I personally recommend you try the following natural program that has helped many tinnitus sufferers natural remedies for tinnitus

What to do now?

Firstly consult with your doctor, if you are diagnosed with tinnitus then the next step is to see a otolaryngologist (that’s a fancy word for your ear, nose, throat specialist) and a audiologist, who’s job it is to can measure the pitch of your tinnitus, particularly useful if you decide to try masking devices.

If you would like to try the natural program I followed check out the following link, click here for information on natural remedies for tinnitus

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