Tinnitus – The Not So Silent Affliction

Unless you have been a tinnitus sufferer or have someone close to you that has been effected by tinnitus, most people have no idea just how debilitating tinnitus can be.

In many ways tinnitus is a personal disease, those who haven’t had it have no idea what you are going through, may not always be conscious of the fact you have it and often do not associate it with different actions of the sufferer. For example those afflicted with tinnitus are often misunderstood and their moods are misinterpreted. Tinnitus can cause people to become irritable, emotional and fatigued.

A lot of people are un-sympathetic towards sufferers or not aware of the level of impact, in the work place you can be labelled lazy if you work rate drops off, little do they realise how tiring it is to live with tinnitus, you maybe labelled “moody” by your spouse or those close to you or perhaps always angry or withdrawn, once again they don’t realise that its due to your tinnitus, they should try living with a maddening sound in their head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and see how chirpy, friendly and productive they are!.

Many relationships can suffer from the tension and stress a tinnitus sufferer is under.

Some vital things you can do to improve your condition

  • Maintain Health :  Keeping your body in shape and keeping a good diet, will help you maintain a strong mind and body, the last thing you want is to be in a fragile mental state or have other ailments to contend with.
  • Relaxation :  learn to relax take a course in something like meditation, explore relaxation therapy’s like yoga, massage, aroma therapy, sound  therapy and acupuncture.
  • Education : keep your loved ones and those close to you informed of your condition, from education comes enlightenment and understanding.
  • Support : seek out forums and meeting groups that deal with tinnitus, there is nothing like an understanding ear (pardon the pun) to make you feel better, they are also great places to find out more on up and coming treatments for tinnitus, and remedies for tinnitus other sufferers have found successful.
  • Replace : fill your life with music to drown out the sounds of tinnitus, if you going to have to listen to something 24/7 it may as well be something pleasant.

Above all as ironic as it sounds be patient with those around you, they have no idea what goes on inside your ears, keep yourself informed on the latest developments in tinnitus treatment and above all stay positive.

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