Treatment for Ringing in the Ears – What is the Cause of Tinnitus ?

A lot of sufferers of tinnitus or those interested in researching or treating tinnitus are often asked what are the different things that have proven to be the  cause of tinnitus.

When looking at the cause of tinnitus, we must first look at the two different types of tinnitus.

1. Pulasatile: manifests itself more like a heart beat in the ears, extreme cases can be heard by those listening close to the sufferers ear.

  • Cause of Pulsatile Tinnitus : Pulsatile tinnitus is often related to the bodies circulatory system. Hardening of the arteries, vascular tumours or varicose veins in the ear and large jugular bulb as well as stress.
  • Treatment for Pulsatile Tinnitus: Treating this form of tinnitus, depending on the cause, may involve surgery, medication or relaxation therapy. The first thing you must do is visit a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

2. Ringing in the ears: This more common form of the affliction, takes the form of a constant or intermittent noise in the ear, often sounding like ringing or the noise of the wind rushing by.

  • Cause of ringing in the ears tinnitus : Meniere’s Disease, Ear infection, Fluid in the ears, exposure to loud noises and other such trauma to the ears, damage to the acoustic nerve, side effect of some medications, allergies, high blood pressure, head injury, hypothyroidism and build up of ear wax.
  • Treatment for ringing in the ears: There is no “one fix for all” treatment for ringing in the ears, what works for one person may not work for another, as well as prescription medications,  there are many natural treatments that can be tried to resolve the symptoms of tinnitus, but seeking a doctors advice before starting any treatment is highly recommended.

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