What Causes Tinnitus?

Around 36 million Americans suffer from symptoms of tinnitus such as ringing in the ears, pulsing in the ears , intermittent or constant noise to either or both ears. The level of noise can range from barely detectable to extremely loud.

So what causes tinnitus?

Well the main reason appears to be related to direct damage to the nerve in the inner ear that controls hearing. This damage may be caused by a number of different factors. High blood pressure and exposure to very loud noises can damage the nerve, a side effect of getting older can also be a weakening of the nerve.

Other cause of tinnitus may include allergies or infections, diabetes, some forms of medication, low blood pressure and tumours to name just a few.


As we can determine from the causes of tinnitus, avoiding loud noises and maintaining good health is critical to avoiding tinnitus. As tinnitus is not common in most people, the focus with tinnitus is often treatment rather than prevention, with the exception of exposure to loud noises.


There are a number of remedies for tinnitus ranging from the holistic to the surgical. Tinnitus is an unusual condition in that there is no one size fits all cure, what cures one person of their tinnitus does not alleviate the condition for another.

There are now many natural approaches to curing Tinnitus, many people choose to explorer these options before seriously considering surgery, sometimes a sufferer will need to trial a variety of approaches to find a solution that is satisfactory for them.

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